Vehid Trtak

Vehid Trtak


Well, you’ve found my personal slice of the internet 🥳.

I'm a software engineer with passion for programming especially with Javascript 👨🏻‍💻. I was born in June 1989 and grew up in the main city of Bosnia and Hercegovina 🇧🇦 , Sarajevo ♥️.

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Until I got my first job in 2015 as a Full stack developer, I worked in different fields to support my family while studying Computer Science and Engineering 🧑🏻‍🏫. And in 2020 I started working in Walter Code as a Software Engineer with main focus on Javascript and React.js.

Among all the stuff I did in those years, I was also focusing and deeply studying React.js and Javascript. For the love of what I do, I decided to make this blog as a place where I can share my knowledge and research. My goal is to create useful content and help everyone from beginner to advance programmers who has any interest in this kind of knowledge.

My hope is for my code to help others in their learning path and overall career, and to be seen, read and used by millions of people all over the globe 🌍.


  • Attended college
  • Got my first programming job
  • Got married
  • Joined Walter Code
  • Started blog 😃
  • Next thing in progress 🕐 ...